North Sea Foundation

North Sea Foundation (Stichting De Noordzee, SDN) is an independent environmental organization that is committed to a clean and healthy North Sea. A well-functioning ecosystem determines the boundaries for sustainable human use, in accordance of North Sea Foundation. Clean shipping, sustainable fisheries, space for nature and clean sea and beaches are important themes.

The North Sea Foundation launched the Good VIS program with the VISwijzer as the most visible and successful instrument in 2004.

Stichting De Noordzee

Stichting De Noordzee


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a global organization who is commited for nature conservation since 1962. WWF works to the protection of marine life trough a worldwide program that extends over 25 regional maritime and ocean areas and strives for more protected areas and more sustainable fisheries.

WWF is together with the Good Fish Foundation owner of the methodology behind the VISwijzer.

Seas At Risk

Seas At Risk is an independent federation of environmental organizations working together to protect the marine environment of European seas and the wider North East Atlantic. Seas At Risk serves as a technical and political platform for its members. It facilitates collective action in international political and legal meetings and ensures coordination of national lobbying. The aim is to give positive influence on decisions of European policy makers, the UN and regional advisory groups for the seas and oceans.

Good Fish Foundation is a member of Seas At Risk.

Global Seafood Ratings Alliance

In 2016, Good Fish Foundation was one of the initiators and co-founders of the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance. A collaboration that aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and influence of Seafood Ratings Organisations around the world. It is a vehicle to improve the overall impact of seafood ratings programs globally.

Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is a British environmental organization fighting for the protection of oceans, coasts and animals all around the UK. MCS and the North Sea Foundation introduced the VISwijzer in 2004 as part of their strategy to sustainable fisheries and protect the sea.

Good Fish Foundation and MCS work together to address sustainability issues throughout the fish chain.

Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils are stakeholder-led organisations that provide the Commission and EU Member States with recommendations on fisheries management. Good Fish Foundation takes part in the Markets Advisory Council and Aquaculture Advisory Council to offer an NGO perspective.

The Markets Advisory Council looks at market and consumer issues across the value chain in all 28 Member States. In 2016 Good Fish Foundation was one of the founding Members of the Market Advisory Council as this is the platform to develop joint positions on seafood supply chain and consumer issues such as traceability and labelling. Our Director Christien Absil takes part in this Advisory Council.

Aquaculture Advisory Council contributes to the sustainable development of European aquaculture by preparing and providing advice to Member States and the European Commission on issues relating to the aquaculture value chain. Our director and aquaculture specialist Margreet van Vilsteren takes part in this Council.


Good Fish Foundation recommends the following retailers:

PLUS Retail
Detailresult (Dirk van den Broek en Dekamarkt)


Good Fish Foundation gives advice to Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As in Amsterdam and Heeren van de Vis in Veenendaal.

Other project partners

  • Wageningen University and Research centre
  • Vis van Henry
  • Amacore B.V.
  • Bertus Dekker
  • Karel Hoeve
  • W.G. den Heijer & zn bv
  • Sligro Food Group
  • Makro
  • Excellence Fish BV
  • Van Slooten Aquacultuur BV
  • Aquacultuur Enkhuizen v.o.f.
  • Maatschap Janssen van Maris
  • Aquaculture Consultancy and Engineering BV
  • Wageningen IMARES
  • Solid Aquaculture Solutions (SAS)