In November 2014 the Dutch VISwijzer (Seafood Guide) was transferred from the North Sea Foundation to Good Fish Foundation. The Good Fish Foundation team redesigned and updated the VISwijzer and is working on upgrading the tool to accomodate emerging sustainability issues such as traceability, fair trade and illegal practices in the seafood sector.  We work together with businesses in the seafood sector to  accelerate the transition towards a sustainable seafood supply chain.

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This is what we stand for

A good fish

  • comes from a well managed fish stock;
  • is harvested or farmed with minimal impact on the natural environment;
  • is fully traceable to the source.
  • has lived a good life and has been handled with respect for animal welfare;
  • is pure and healthy;
  • is caught legally;
  • is harvested or farmed under safe and fair labour conditions

The Good Fish Foundation (GFF) aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable seafood sector by promoting market demand for sustainable seafood and by assisting consumers and businesses throughout the seafood supply chain in making informed and responsible buying decisions. The organisation targets producers, processors, traders, retailers, consumers and governments in the Netherlands and Europe. The GFF’s objectives are described under ‘challenges’.

Good Fish Foundation aims to achieve its goals through:

a. Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the seafood supply chain to increase the demand and supply of traceable, sustainable and fair seafood;

b. Developing and disseminating knowledge and exploring effective tools for communicating and sharing information about seafood sustainability;

c. Encouraging consumers and businesses to make informed and responsible seafood choices and assisting them in their buying decisions;

d. Helping to develop a national and European network of organisations working on sustainability issues in the seafood supply chain.